Improving Mastodon support for aspects/circles functionality of other ActivityPub implementations, i.e. how such limited audience messages are received and distributed internally.

@sivy To the end-user, indistinguishable from a private post.

@Gargron so this doesn't involve Mastodon users sending group/circle messages yet then?

@sivy Yeah. Hubzilla is currently the only ActivityPub server which supports circles that I know of, but more might come.

@Gargron I think GnuSocial is adding #activitypub support soon? I think they support "!groups"?

@sivy Lists, Circles and Groups are all completely separate concepts that overlap only in the part that they involve multiple users.

@Gargron Ah I did not know. What is the difference between a circle and a group? #activitypub

@sivy List and Circle are opposites. So if a list is about categorizing your home timeline, a circle is about categorizing your followers. So on one end you have a subset of people you follow, on the other a subset of people who follow you.

Groups are private message boards: You join, post in a group, can be kicked by owner, etc. Nothing to do with following anyone.

@Gargron Wow, had never heard of that circle structure.

I can't work out what the interaction is.

@Gargron Ok I see at least how G+ works: none of the followers necessarily know they're in a "circle" - it's purely for the writer.

Imagine you have these circles:

* Family
* Friends from the job
* The in-laws
* The friends from church
* Your shaved-and-humiliated-furries-in-latex erotica... "research" group :blobwhistle:

Without groups, you just can't post to the last one without the others finding out. Well, technically, you can, but it's hard AF and you're prone to make mistakes.

The question is... can you afford to?


@Gargron @sivy
looking forward to seeing how circles (and groups) will be implemented visually. Circles sort of feels like a user-defined "status privacies" or perhaps more bizarrely as user-defined @ aliases...(emails kinda have this, aliases, that is). idk I don't use G+.

hmm aliases are kinda interesting. i guess you could say groups are aliases that are private and whose membership is determined (at creation & runtime). sorry. rambling out loud.

@Gargron i've had talks about this before but maybe a reimplimentation of the local timeline as a circle (if i fully understand what a circle is properly). I saw you had some strong critiques and opinions for private/server only timelines and this would be a good solution for both your concerns and for people wanting more 'localized' tooting.
A 'local timeline' circle could be joined by non-server members manually or a server could host a nonstandard local timeline circle that contains multiple servers as their 'local' timeline. (i saw an issue specifically with an Australian instance owner who wanted to include multiple Australian servers in their local timeline so it was way more populated/they had a bigger 'in group')

hope this made sense!

Yay!!! :blobcheer:

Circles are one of my favorite features of the soon to be sacrificed Google+. A great idea gathering dust because of the crappy platform that implemented it.

Thanks, Gargron! I'll be eagerly waiting for this feature!

@Gargron Big THANKS from Googleplusrefugee.ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)♪

@Gargron you could place a Plug that would make the conversations not lost in labyrinths? Thank you

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