I feel like I need to write a blog post about Mastodon's 2 year anniversary, but I'm feeling a writer's block


Maybe because it's been a while since the last blog post so I feel like it needs to be big and important.

You can help me if you tell me what you'd want to see in that blog post...

@Gargron I feel like pointing out the biggest milestones of these two years might be nice, as well as the expectations for the following year or two

Lo's right. Just saying what Mastadon's been able to do in the time its had would be big enough. Especially if you made it a bullet point list.

@Gargron make it about what this anniversary means for you. What you expected it to be and what it is. What you would do differently and what you'd double down on. And write how you imagine the 5y anniversary to be.

Just an idea, don't mind the imperative...

@Gargron What you could put:

why you created mastodon
your goals
what is going to be and what is not going to be
what you expect from the community
what you have learned
what would you change if you started again
what frustrates you, what you are passionate about, what sets you up

Why do you rt of cats but never publish yours ...: P

@gargron Just make it a collection post of some of the best memes that originated here :blobcat:

@Gargron I would keep it simple and celebrate 2 years. Perhaps mention briefly the growth and the current number of known Mastodon instances and users. You could also point to that ChangeLog podcast interview for people who want more info about the history of Mastodon.

@Gargron Worth noting how its rise has coincided with a breakdown and disillusionment with mainstream social networks. There've been misinformation campaigns, ethical and legal breaches, falling-out betw friends and families... real-world consequences that have unfolded in the past two years. I was once an enthusiastic user of both Twitter and Facebook, and now they are ruined for me. I don't 100% understand how Mastodon works but right now it is my main avenue for writing. For that I thank you.


Two years is a long time on the internet but also a very short time. As someone who joined about a month ago I think the last two years are best understood against the next ten, or more. I realise mastodon isn't out to overtake birdsite but to me it still feels revolutionary. The very idea of decentralised social media breathes future to me, on top of old principles (open protocols being the cornerstone, not servers). I think that should be in there.

@Gargron tell something about your personal struggles (I'm sure they are there), like scaling all this stuff and so on... and maybe some vision for the next 2 years?

@Gargron I think testimonials would be nice. Real short stories from users about how Mastodon changed their experience with social media? That sounds like a worthy addition to a 2 year anniversary post!

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