When I hear that Facebook lost 30% of its value since July

The Office is not on Netflix anymore for some goddamn reason so I had to hunt for the video on YouTube, and it didn't have closed captions, so I had to take a screenshot and manually put the quote from that moment into it.

Actually now that I think of it, I might not have been able to take a screenshot from Netflix anyway with its DRM. How do people do this?

@Gargron Well, on the Mac, you pause the video and hit Command-Shift-3.

@Gargron DRM won't effect snipping tool, or Alt+PrtSc on Windows, or Shift-Command-4 on Mac

@Gargron I'm not sure how, but I do know you can screenshot on comp but not on iPhone/Android

@Gargron I can on linux. dunno about windows. I think on windows it doesnt work because the video is a DX layer and their screencap api doesnt capture DX renders. You have to tell it to capture those layers as well.

I think incompatible browsers play it in lower resolution and that is not DRM protected.

@Gargron I think Firefox's screenshot function works on it, but I could be wrong

@Gargron protip: if you use layers you can put a black rectangle under the text and lower the opacity or use a blending mode so it’s easier on the eyes :)

@Gargron Yeah same happened to me while watching Doctor House I was watching, suddently no more... :(

@Gargron Good for them! More users for the fediverse!

@Gargron Sorry I was being catty. I meant something along the lines of " has no real human value".

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