@Gargron yea, it's good. love the shot fired at the article bashing masto. conclusion hits hard, and sounds good

@Gargron it's pretty good, I'd just say it could use maybe a little fluff?

It's a listing of facts, which I think is fine, but reads a little dry 🤷‍♂️

It's seriously fine, I'm just looking for something that could be improved...

I learned about the shatner thing.... I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@Gargron it's good! And you introduced me to a new word - Fazit - so that was fun 😀

It's good the way it is. Maybe a bit techy. I would have put the last bit you have on there first and fluff it a little. I can send an example for you to work from if you want to change it but I'm still not even sure if you have me muted after jabbing you a couple times.

@Gargron Fazit is not a common english word, probably, but a little flair is allowed and good

@Gargron This is an awesome synopsis! Love the synopsis and to see the progress. Very inspirational!

@Gargron Congratulations! Quite an achievement. 🤜 💥 🤛

@Gargron What does "Featuring friends on public profile" mean? Is this the list of followers with profile pictures or can you actually hand-pick a few friends that will be shown more prominently?

@codewiz in the web app, go to someone's profile and open the menu. you should see an option something like "feature this profile". if you click that, your public profile will show a list on the side called "[your display name]'s choices", and up to 4 random links to the people you selected as featured.

you can see what it looks like by opening my public profile page, where it says "infinite love's choices"

@trwnh Ah, interesting: If you picked more than 4 accounts, it randomly displays 4 of them each time you reload.

Just so you know "irregardless" isn't a word - you just mean "regardless".

@dheadshot @Gargron I get where you are coming from (and I agree) but that's a battle I think is already lost

@kelly_clowers @dheadshot I fixed it anyway

Intuitively I feel like it's a flammable/inflammable thing

I've only heard it used twice before: once by a Canadian in jest and once by George W Bush. Maybe it's an American thing?

@Gargron this means I've been on Mastodon since half a year after it's inception - cool!

@Ayior I think I joined originally in October of 2017. It was the first I'd ever heard of it! Felt like I'd missed the boat. But it didn't really hurt me in the end. :)

@Gargron the person who apparently creates the stats you used in the post is subtooting how bad it is to not give credit. Just a heads up.

@Gargron @ashfurrow not bad. Honestly though I really hope it gains enough traction that brands start getting on it just like Twitter. Even if you don't like the funny memetic advertising accounts, it is just plain useful as a way to ask a question (especially if relevant to others), or to put bad company behavior on blast

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