The upcoming version of Mastodon (2.6) will have improved support for so-called circles (a group of recipients that is less than all your followers)

Mastodon itself does not implement circles, mind you, but e.g. Hubzilla does, and any ActivityPub server could.

Prior to this patch, such messages would appear as DMs with a large number of recipients in Mastodon. After the patch, they will appear just like normal private posts.

I am a little bit excited because it was a minor technical challenge, but also a little disappointed because I realize almost nobody will ever come across it in practice.

@Gargron Yay! Is circles implementation on the roadmap? I'd love it.

@Gargron that's how a lot of the impactful changes tend to be

@Gargron I still dream about a feature that i can use to filter both local and public timeline so i dont see toots from my home timeline into my local and public timeline, i dont like to see again posts from people who i already follow into my local and public timeline.

@Gargron That’s sounds very nice! When can we expect the next version release?

@Gargron @lain How will these appear in pleroma fe and mastodon fe for pleroma
@Gargron thanks for working on this so quickly :)
@Eugenio @kaniini Thanks a lot for this - we have this functionality today in Hubzilla, Osada, and Friendica. I suspect we will see several more.
@mike @switchingsocial @Gargron

it is a planned feature for Pleroma 2.x branch. some parts of it are already in Pleroma today, but not the whole picture.

This is the feature that I'm waiting for. Cause I'm always using this for posting to group of my family in Google+.

@Gargron I don't really understand the concept behind "circles", what it will be userful for?

@Gargron Great news! Now the creation of such toots is the next natural thing to do \o/

@Gargron How are 'versions' of Mastodon exposed to the user?

Can an average user sitting on say the instance, tooting regularly, see a version number somewhere?

How would we know when a version change has happened?

@Gargron this is really cool! I’ve longed for a LiveJournal-like access model and this brings it closer.

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