If anyone out there with a Mastodon instance below 2.0.0 needs help upgrading, I'll do it

もしもあなたが Mastodon v2.0.0 以上へのアップグレードに困っているのなら、わたしが手助けをするでしょう

(Thanks @ykzts)


quick info dump.. 1/2 2.0.0 (2552 users) 1.6.1 (2515 users) 1.4.1 (2156 users) 1.5.1 (1836 users) 1.3.3 (1798 users) 1.4.1 (1227 users) 1.6.1 (1169 users) 1.3.3 (708 users) 1.5.1 (624 users) 1.4.7 (580 users) 1.3.3 (562 users) 1.4.1 (507 users) 1.4.1 (501 users) 1.6.1 (498 users)


quick info dump 2/2 1.4.3 (475 users) 1.6.1 (404 users) 1.3.2 (362 users)

searching for instances by userbase, then looking at Mastodon Version ID... it seems a lot of these larger instances on older version are Japanese? might be worth getting somebody to translate the documentation into Japanese?

@shlee @Gargron Not only that, but they seem to be running modified/custom code... which means less incentives to update

@Gargron Wow, just wow. Thanks for you work, dedication, and compassion, sir.

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