me, a german: *points at raccoon* washing bear

*points at koala* koala bear

you, unenlightened: *cries* you can't just call everything a bear

me: *points at ant eater* ant bear

@Gargron tbh in Spanish we call ant eaters ant bears too ("oso hormiguero")

Chinese do the same thing.

Racoon -> Washing bear (which is the same)
Koala -> No-tail bear (?)
Panda -> Bear cat (?)



Latin started the trend with “Ursus ursus”

@Gargron don’t forget the famous “cat bear” which neither a cat or a bear

@thomasfuchs @Gargron LOL didn't know the german word for that animal.

I'm german btw.

@Gargron we also came up with shield toad, which is friggin’ genius!

@Gargron this is what we call them in Finnish as well and I'm about 98.75% sure we have you to blame for it

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