I'm curious what effect the removal of likes will have on Twitter's art community, because art posts usually get a ratio of like 50 replies, 1000 retweets and 8000 likes, so that's gonna be a lot of dopamine gone

@Gargron nobody working at twitter uses twitter to do anything besides blog about the lunch they had and share news links so they have no idea what anybody uses faves for and have no intention to find out

@jimpjorps @Gargron to add to this, when you like an artist's post you tell them "good job" but you also save the post for later in a list that you can go back to if you wanted to be able to reference it or share it with a smaller group than your full follower list (this is useful artists' audiences, but also artists themselves)

brands don't care about that, they want replies and retweets as fast and frequent as possible, and now those will be the only viable choices

@jimpjorps @Gargron Twitter staff member:

> "I remember getting a 'fav' once..."

@jimpjorps @Gargron imagine breaking your website for years trying to drive engagement and then breaking the single thing that keeps people feverishly addicted to their notifications

@logo @Gargron if it's an anti-abuse thing it's just going to lead to several times as many "your a dick" replies instead of those people just passively faving a dunk

@jimpjorps @Gargron I honestly don't think they'll do it; it was reported as something Jack tossed out, and they issued a very peevish PR response along the lines of "well we're always looking at improving everything". Chances are good one engineer pointed out the dopamine problem and they chucked it in the bin already

@Gargron The birdsite does really remove likes?WTF?!I'm happy that I've never been there.Fediverse FTW!

@Gargron The "Like" is the "I agree, but don't want to share, and also don't want a new conversation to start" button. It's amazing. I'll have to start replying "Like"

@Gargron Well, I guess we have a mission to convert them then... :mastodon:

On a serious note, though, I hope people that really appreciate the artwork can find other ways of expressing it...

@Gargron I started an art Twitter not long ago so I guess so much for that! Lol.

More importantly, how will I indicate to my gf that I read all her horrible shitposts? I’m distraught, understandably I think.

@Gargron they’ll probably all migrate to Instagram if they haven’t already.

@Gargron hi I just created an account here a few minutes ago after hearing the Twitter news and being concerned about finding a place to do art. This place here seems quite alright

@Gargron thank you for the warm welcome. I plan to look into this site tomorrow. It is pretty late and I jumped in here to secure the name haha

@Gargron Wait WHAT

I chose the wrong day to stay off of Twitter, apparently

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