Hey users it seems like Wasabi, our file hosting provider, is currently not available, so file uploads don't work. Should be a temporary issue, and is out of my hands.

Looks like the incident is finally over.

@Gargron something similar seems to be happening over here at .cloud

@Gargron i just noticed trying to upload a pic, thanks for the heads up

Hmm, OK.
Actually, I'm pretty much unable to get .social to load at all right now.
(US East Coast 21:53)

@Gargron I've been putting off switching to wasabi for ages and I have never been more thankful of my own procrastination before today.

@Gargron And I’ve been hearing ads for them recently about how reliable they are, too. So much for those nines.

@gargron they actually call it "scheduled maintenance" on their notifications page, which I am rofling at

Thanks for the update. That was probably why my Mastodon was.causing my Android screen tp.flicker, when I tried launching the app (after clicking on a notification that a "Toot" was waiting).

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