@Gargron Good moderation tools are so important.

Better ability to filter/sort seems like a good way to both handle abuse and handle abuses of the abuse reporting process. (Abusing the abuse reporting tools is so meta... meta but not amusing because apparently, from what I just read about Wheaton’s experience, it’s already happened.)

Coordinated attacks are going to have trends, trends can be spotted.

@Gargron Great job on this! You're building something really awesome here.

@Gargron Thanks to all who worked so hard on this. Just updated organizing.social to 2.6.1

So appreciate all the documentation around upgrades. Has gone so smoothly. Cheers!

@Gargron kudos for better administration tools! Links verification is a very nice solution too.

Just tell us if you break backward compatibility (as with messages), okay? ♥️

@charlag The old API is still there. It's deprecated though, which means it might be removed in the future release.

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