I made something for Mastodon: A gallery mini-app.

You can simply drop it in your Mastodon server's public folder, and it will show images from your server in a mosaic grid with infinite scroll. Supports some configuration as well, e.g. whether to limit it to only local images, or a specific hashtag, or which server to fetch from.

Okay, here is a demo! Everything in :

Please mind that not safe for work images are displayed without warning in the gallery.

@rysiek Uhhh if you give me a few minutes, it will be

@Gargron Maybe add an opt-in parameter to be featured in the gallery? Tbh I'm not an artist

@Gargron Interesting.

Using the Falkon browser, I only get a limited number of images. When I try it using MastaLab on my phone, I get a lot of images that don't show up on the browser version.

@Gargron Seems to work fine under Firefox. I wonder what the problem with Falkon/QupZilla is.

@Gargron Nice work. Is this a feature that will be available to all?

@Gargron Is the visibility of the toots considered? Eg are only media showed from public toots?

@benedikt Nothing funky here it just uses the public timeline API. Same thing as if you click on the hashtag and choose media-only in the options

@Gargron Very cool, and great example of whats possible with the Mastodon API!

@Gargron I think that's very nice !!

Maybe that's something for @mastohost ?

So I would like to use :)

@KaptainRio I will have to look deeper into it, to see what it would involve on my end to see if I can make it possible


OK, that's definitely the best thing I've seen in the #Fediverse yet! Listening to the @hardmous archive, and just letting the images autoscroll in a full-screen browser...

@Gargron You can code for Mastodon?? I mean... Could I if I wanted to? That's radical. I'm new to this social network and coding something for Twitter or Facebook would be just a dream. Is it possible to ADD things to the network?

@neontiger mastodon has an open api, so anyone can write apps or plugins for it, like Gargron's gallery tool or

Mastodon federates using the ActivityPub protocol, as does Pleroma, Peertube, plume, and pixelfed. Anyone with the appropriate skills can build their own social network that communicates with the rest of the fediverse using ActivityPub:

You can also contribute code to mastodon itself through github:

@Gargron Thanks for the cool singe page app! I easily deployed one for my instance at through Netlify!

I'd appreciate if you could clarify the license on your original code so everyone will feel more safe to clone your code, when you have time.

@Gargron I have also tried to setup #cats gallery, and now it works on

Thanks for nice gallery app❗

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