I made something for Mastodon: A gallery mini-app.


You can simply drop it in your Mastodon server's public folder, and it will show images from your server in a mosaic grid with infinite scroll. Supports some configuration as well, e.g. whether to limit it to only local images, or a specific hashtag, or which server to fetch from.


Okay, here is a demo! Everything in :


Please mind that not safe for work images are displayed without warning in the gallery.

@Gargron Maybe add an opt-in parameter to be featured in the gallery? Tbh I'm not an artist

@Gargron Interesting.

Using the Falkon browser, I only get a limited number of images. When I try it using MastaLab on my phone, I get a lot of images that don't show up on the browser version.

@Gargron Seems to work fine under Firefox. I wonder what the problem with Falkon/QupZilla is.

@Gargron Nice work. Is this a feature that will be available to all?

@Gargron Is the visibility of the toots considered? Eg are only media showed from public toots?

@benedikt Nothing funky here it just uses the public timeline API. Same thing as if you click on the hashtag and choose media-only in the options

@Gargron Very cool, and great example of whats possible with the Mastodon API!

@Gargron I think that's very nice !!

Maybe that's something for @mastohost ?

So I would like to use :)

@KaptainRio I will have to look deeper into it, to see what it would involve on my end to see if I can make it possible


OK, that's definitely the best thing I've seen in the #Fediverse yet! Listening to the @hardmous archive, and just letting the images autoscroll in a full-screen browser...
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