Uhh I don't get this "A contract for the Web" thing Tim Berners-Lee is pushing now. It sounds like a petition with extra steps and about as much effect

With Facebook and Google as supporters when some of the directives are running directly against their business models...

@Gargron Ist mir auch vollkommen schleierhaft, wieso das alles so kompliziert sein muss... es gibt doch schon Alternativen. Man muss die großen einfach mal bei den Ei**n packen.

Anything that says "protect privacy" is good for the fediverse. On the other hand, the other aspects of it seem to be anti-rights covered in PC speak.

How is anything that says "protect privacy" good for the fediverse?

Because companies like Twitter and Facebook are all about monetizing your data. Whereas the fediverse is about letting people run their own service if they so desire.

Facebook and Google (and others) have been saying they were "protecting privacy" while not doing so because of their business models. Isn't it only "good" for the Fediverse when people eventually realize it was a lie all along? In that case, why give any credence to a new corporate-backed initiative with the same claim?

The fediverse is corporately backed? I know IBM bought RedHat recently, but I must have been logged of longer than I thought. :)

@hypolite @morethanabitoff lots of mistakes are being done right now to "protect the privacy" but in the background they mean "attach FB and Google". This is not the same.

Tim Berners Lee - who supported DRM support in HTML5, yep now there's a man to be trusted lol

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