Follow is adding ActivityPub federation support and cross-posting to Mastodon

@Gargron That is encouraging? That's s till a closed/hosted platform though, right? Still, even if more closed platforms start implementing a full ActivityPub (not broken XMPP Facebook/Google garbage) it can lead to a more decentralized and more diverse Internet.

@Gargron This is very interesting. Sometimes I have a longer post that exceeds Mastodon.sdf's char limit (which is fine as it's long) so I don't want/need another instance with a longer limit.

I thought I might use Diaspora for this and post a link on MAstodon but something that did this automatically, federated with ther microblogs and processes 'comments' (well Mastodon replies - like @rpcutts has set up on this blog)...

@andyc Well, you could use Plume or if you wanted. @Gargron @rpcutts

@Niquarl @andyc @Gargron I prefer a static site. And looks nice but is hosted. For me, half the fun is getting it working, tinkering, breaking it, repeat.

Oh I see that. Just think it might be bête to use what I said than Diaspora*.

How did you get mastodon in your comments?
@andyc @Gargron

@Niquarl @andyc some JavaScript that uses the mastodon API that looks up the toot that I shared the post with and pulls in any descendants.

@Niquarl @andyc @Gargron looks like have just launched the alpha of their self hosted offering.


...and, of course, this microblog post is an example as it's now straddling two entries.

#2 - Blogging to my own blog is a possibility but hey, that's a lot of work. YAML front matter, subject, words, publish 🙂

@andyc @Gargron I am of two minds with On the one hand I dislike the idea of closed source solutions federating with the network while on the other hand anything that makes it easier to blog and express ones ideas can only ever be a good thing.

@carbontwelve @Gargron Ah yes. I didn't realise it was closed source. While $5/month is nothing, I envisaged self-hosting this software in case dies. Been bitten too many times by that.

@andyc @Gargron Putting mine and others verbal dislike of its proprietary nature aside. It's still an exciting product, it provides a purpose to people for whom self-hosting isn't an option.

It could be argued that anything that increases the visible footprint of the federated community is a good thing and open source alternatives will begin sprouting if there is a need.

@Gargron @Index great, but perhaps @manton @manton could talk about the Fediverse, not only Mastodon? Unless his ActivityPub implémentation only works with Mastodon and not Pleroma, Pixelfed, Peertube…

@jalcine @Index @Gargron @joachim oh no, they also preload a blocklist where many of its entries are more than questionable as well as the authoring of the list itself.
@Eugen @Andy C @Niquarl I think about making a writeas blog. Interesting app that one
@Eugen @Andy C @Niquarl @rpcutts yeah I like fiddling with static sites. I wish I had something to day that was worth the fiddling
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