Good morning! Deactivated my personal Twitter account yesterday. And deleted the Mastodon fan page on Facebook, along with the temporary account I had created for it ☺️

@pandora_parrot In regards to the fan page, I felt bad about having a facebook account for a while, I looked at the page, saw that it's not really getting any use, and decided it's not worth it.

I also felt that I should delete my Twitter for symbolic reasons, but kept it to talk to a few people who hadn't migrated. Yesterday the situation with those people changed so I didn't need that account anymore.

@Gargron Great choice!Have a nice time without the centralized trash 🎉

@Gargron Great to hear. I also deleted some twitter accounts recently and I just keep one for direct messages, but don't use it actively. :)

@Gargron Deleting my Facebook was probably the best decision I've made in recent memory.
Still can't give up Twitter for now 😞but I'm slowly transitioning here.

@Gargron no good cross marketing coming for it or any that was wasn’t worth it?

@Gargron I am thinking about doing just that... I don't use Twitter anymore since creating my own mastodon instance

@Gargron - I am also slowly gutting my other social media sites as I grow more attached to Mastodon and FOSS alternatives to corporate web services. I barely use Twitter any more. My profile there is a walking dead man.

@Gargron Congratulations! Ahhhh, what a lovely free feeling. :)

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