@Gargron the crotch thumbnail might not be a problem to the #nsfw crowd ;)

@Gargron To be fair "From tumblr to anyplace else" is a good enough reason to switch

@gargron Look, I know you're just taking advantage of others' misfortunes to promote your work, but comparing a blogging and personal media platform to a microblogging network is not really fair to either side.

@impiaaa That is to say, while Tumblr and Twitter/Mastodon have some difference in presentation, especially in terms of custom HTML templates, the use case between those platforms is almost identical.

@gargron Ok, I was on board w you for a second when you were comparing it to moving to Twitter, but this is just silly. Tumblr has page customization like you said, but it also has post formatting, large image albums, a character limit suited to full-form blogging, an unobtrusive tagging system, audio uploads, and an interface actually built for long-form content. Twitter is meant for firing off thoughts and having short conversation; Tumblr is actually used by professional galleries & blogs.

@impiaaa No, I am explicitly saying that people right now who had their blogs deleted are deciding to move to Twitter. How is them moving to Twitter better than moving to Mastodon? Their particular usage of tumblr is such that it is replaceable by Twitter. Then how is it not replaceable by Mastodon? Other tumblr features have nothing to do with this.

@gargron ok, I see. Your original post sounds like it's trying to convince anybody from Tumblr to move to Mastodon, which doesn't make sense because their use cases and feature sets are in general incomparable. It now sounds like you're trying to convince a certain subset of Tumblr users who already use it more like Twitter, which makes more sense but was not clear by either your post or your reply to me.

@impiaaa Side note: I hope you don't really think I am taking advantage of people here. I am taking advantage of the opportunity this event presents, by reacting to it, but if you say you can't offer solutions when a problem happens, it erases a lot of opportunities for improvement. There's Twitter passively gaining from this, there's other silos writing blog posts like this. I don't think it's better for anyone if they gain a stronger foothold than they already do.

@gargron Sorry, I'll admit I was being snarky to catch you and others' attention, but there's some truth to it. Every time something goes down in the social media world, I see you trying to promote Mastodon in the wake. 7 posts on the first 3 pages of blog.join are comparing it to another network. And every time, it just reminds me that Mastodon is not fundamentally more than a Twitter clone. It's fair, but disappointing.

@impiaaa @Gargron for what it’s worth a big part of why I wrote Publ is to make it easy for people to host their own little Tumblr-like. It’s nowhere close to “easy for people to migrate to” territory yet but my hope is that I can get enough other people@on board to make that a thing eventually.


@impiaaa @Gargron like at present it’s just the publishing core but I definitely have ideas around how to make it a web-accessible thing with various frontends.

@Gargron its a bit intellectually dishonest to say extremely customizable profiles when Tumblr utterly thrashes your platform on customizability.

They literally let you build your blog up with HTML CSS and JavaScript. Frankly it might even be too much customability (looking at people with pink on pink tiny text blogs with autoplaying music).

@oct2pus I think you also missed that it compares to Twitter as a migration destination, not Tumblr itself

@Gargron perhaps I did but we do need to consider what platform people are leaving, I would tone down that statement to "more customizable than Twitter"
@oct2pus you'll be able to do the pink on pink thing in pleroma soon
@scarlett please no

I mean yes but I don't want to experience that
@scarlett that's not pink on pink the text is all black on off white I mean pastel pink text on top of a different pastel pink post body
@scarlett like the contrast doesn't exist and it strains your eyes to look at, a stolen pixel art of a baby in a dress is there and the cursor is a magic wand that leave trails of pink glitter
@Gargron itd be dishonest of me to say its like GeoCities because Tumblr blogs are ultimately blogs that take in Tumblr content and display them rather than static website content. The level of control is absolutely there though.

@oct2pus @Gargron most people have largely stopped customizing their tumblr websites and even tumblr itself mostly hides the customization settings; the majority of modern usage of tumblr is through the dashboard or the apps, and a lot of people just have the default theme with header/text colors.

@Gargron @oct2pus they open in a sidebar now, you never have to leave the dashboard

@trwnh @Gargron @oct2pus you can even enable customization in the dashboard. its a really nice feature.

@wakest yeah its pretty neat and it helps me very quickly identify who posted it (although i turn off the individual reblogs one, thats a bit too much for me). For all its faults Tumblr is actually very good at customization.

@oct2pus would looooovvveee to have this level of customization on the fediverse (entirely optional tho)

@trwnh untagging gargron.

it's actually irrelevant if tumblr disincentives its usage, people still go out of their way to make blog themes and people still go out of their way to theme their blogs with said themes; its still absolutely a feature of tumblr the user base will be pissy about if they actually removed it.

Besides that, if you hide yourself from search results you also cannot explore tags in blogs unless you actually go to the literal blog and search for it there, and if you click a read more it still takes you to the actual blog.

I also tend to visit them because people actually use them and fill them with useful content like BYFs and about pages, which i heavily use when determining my interactions (generally to avoid reblogging cosplay/selfies/sexual jokes from minors) as well their opinions on general site discourse. You lose a lot of the experience of interacting in fandom if you don't ACTUALLY go onto their blogs.

@trwnh i 100% believe that tumblr intended to replace blogs with the side pane but stopped because tumblr is a bunch of half-baked ideas and unfinished implementations sloppy thrown on top of a production environment; its still a feature of tumblr regardless if you use it or not.

@Gargron a little surprised to not see "no questionable algorithm to decide when you get to see your friend's posts or not" in the list of reasons, I'd think that's a big one, though i don't have a tumblr of my own.

@Gargron your second point is somewhat questionable, as tumblr doesn’t use thumbnails

@Satsuma @gargron this is true, but I think the name of the article is more misleading, if in fact this is a guide of why to switch from tumblr to mastadon instead of tumblr to twitter, which does have the thumbnail problem. Many folks have no choice but to switch, because their stuff has been deleted, but "you're switching from tumblr? Here's why masto is better than twitter" doesn't super roll off the tongue.

@weird_hell @Gargron yeah i figured that out after I saw that ‘profile customization’ was also on the list (tumblr has full html customization, and theres a large community of people who make beautiful custom themes)

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