It feels so weird to interact with people who have never heard the term "surveillance capitalism" after being in this bubble of people who have for so long

@amydentata Yes, you can, but unless you spend time reading on the topic or have a technical background you don't really "get" it. Had someone call me a conspiracy theorist because I said this about facebook!

@Gargron never heard it, but yeah i guess i can figure what it means

@Gargron That's a new word for me, but I know exactly what you mean.

@Gargron preach it, friend! According to Wikipedia, the term surveillance capitalism was first used in 2014, crazy how fast a phrase can catch on. We need to continue to use this phrase, as it more accurately describes the economic trade-off that's occurring, plus it has a significant negative connotation so you know the tech companies engaging in this type of business model hate it...

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