Would it be helpful to anyone if I released some fixes in a v2.5.3 backport as well?

I know some servers are still on v2.5.2 and v2.5.0, but not sure if that's because the admins are not paying attention at all (in which case the backport would be useless) or something else.

@Gargron I wish there was an easy way to get a notice when a new version is available.

@smeg GitHub recently added the option to watch repos for new releases!

@smeg @Gargron add the github rss of mastodon to your feeds and you have the easy solution.

@Gargron After seeing this post, I don't even see an obvious way in the UI to quickly figure out what version I'm on.

@nat @Gargron Open the main page of your mastodon instance in an incognito browser window.

@Gargron in my case it’s because I’m “not paying attention” aka releases come far more frequently than the average software project and my life doesn’t revolve around being a Mastodon instance admin.

@Gargron personally what was keeping me back on 2.5.x was, not being as familiar with rbenv/bundle/gem, the need to upgrade to ruby 2.5.3 — figured it out this morning, though!

cd ~/.rbenv/
git pull
cd plugins/ruby-build/
git pull

…ah, *now* I can rbenv install 2.5.3; gem install bundler; and carry on with the instructions for Mastodon :-)

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