Tumblr is banning all adult content

Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

@Shonalika @Gargron Female nipples are pink, male nipples are blue, obvs.

@Gargron Ha! Somebody should tell Tumblr that just because you drain out the turds, doesn't mean people won't still identify it as a sewer.

@Gargron Just censor female nipples with those of a male and you're good to go 😂

@Gargron I guess we now know how big a source of revenue were their iOS ads.


So Tumblr wants to reduce the amount of contents by approximately 40 to 50%?

@Gargron Glad I stopped using Tumblr now. At first it was just on principle, now I know there's no point.

@Gargron TUMBLR: Oh no why is there so much porn?!
Us: well, it's your main userbase: kinksters, fanartists, furries...
TUMBLR: NO PORN, more advertisers
Us: *wander off to a new website*
TUMBLR: Oh no, why do we have so few active users?!

@Gargron isn’t that like 90% of their user base and traffic? Guess they are deciding to close their doors lol.

@Gargron i read their article and barely nothing will change i think.(very useful to do dis) seems like just some routines to not scare shareholders

@Gargron ugh, all the more reason to make the switch i suppose

@Gargron Ohho goodie... not the first time when tumblr gets hostile to its users and environment.


if someone tapes a photo of a man's nipple over their nipple, does that make it a male-presenting nipple?

@Gargron Now someone need to make a tumblr federated software 😏

@Gargron I' just joined. Looking for tumblr alternatives cause.. I need my nsfw art. Hoping things work out XD

@Gargron Male nipples on a sumo wrestler look much the same 😎

@Gargron Is there an easy way to export tumblr content into a Mastodon instance?

(I have never even used tumblr so I don’t know about its exporting options)

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