New people! After you've settled in, tell me which features you wish were here! And which of the ones we already have you like the most :hotboi:

@Gargron please change boost to retoot and also dms to secret toot please I'm begging you

@extinction @Gargron Boost could be tooot. Or when you do it to a toooted toot it becomes a toooot. And so on. This would be a good system.

@extinction @Gargron 🤣 oh stars yes please! Especially “secret toot”

@extinction @Gargron I'm seconding this for both being logical and because it's a pun on "retort" - it'd be poifect!

@extinction @Gargron wouldn’t the correct equivalent for DMs in the tootiverse be sbd? 🤔

@Gargron bigger character limit, markdown support in toots, audio support for federated postcasts, erm, erm.... MOAR CAT PICTURES! 😋

@carbontwelve Funkwhale is the way to go for federated audio (though not fully finished yet). Also, other instances have got up to 5k char limits.

@Niquarl funkwhale doesn't yet support podcasts; I know its a feature that's coming but it's not really its core audience.

@carbontwelve Yeah. I guess can support micropodcast though not 100% who well it federates with gnusocial/activitypub services.

@Niquarl its an area of the fediverse that is currently seeing a great deal of development activity.

I believe Pleroma is able to have a unrestricted character limit and supports markdown/html toots which look reasonably ok in the federated timeline.

I am personally working on a self hostable service geared towards hosting podcasts with the aim for it to be federated.

@carbontwelve Oh that's really cool. Also, we have Plume and write freely available for blooging right now that federates via activitypub.
Looking forward to boosting my favourite podcasts!

@Gargron for gods sake some way to curate our feeds beyond cherry-picking from shitposters. Also some way to filter minors would be great but may be less feasible? I know nothing.

@Gargron I'm not particularly new, but... a more user-friendly interface for image descriptions would be really nice!

@Gargron I'd love a way to connect one account to multiple instances! or connect your accounts for those instances to each other? (unless that's already a thing and I just don't know it lol)

@semantics @Gargron I'd like to know a bit more about instances (compared to the current ~zero level of knowledge). THEN I'd like this feature too :) (probably)

@Gargron idk if it is a feature but could you possibly add the feature to only see people you follow hhhh?

@Cookieface678 There is a way:

1) In your home column, click the settings icon on top and uncheck "show boosts". This makes sure that everything in your home column was written directly by someone you follow, and not boosted into it.

2) In Settings -> Notifications, there are "Block notifications from non-followers", "Block notifications from people you don't follow" and "Block direct messages from people you don't follow". Check any that you need/want :)

@Gargron i really like the profile system and how comprehensive the notifications r but i wish notifs for the same post were stacked after viewing them and also afaik theres no dming which would be nice

@Gargron being able to change @s without moving accs and more theme options bc i need a scene blog... Pleas

@Gargron If there was a way or post format that didn't automatically crop half the picture that would be gr8 for art posts, rn it seems kinda skewed towards text

@nydescynt Click on "crop" when you upload a picture. You can select a focal point that will always be visible in thumbnails!

@Gargron thanks! I've used that and it does help some, but that still doesnt really fix the "people have to clickthrough to see the whole image" thing- anything that makes people do an extra step ensures some people decide they wont bother. I know personally I always saw lower engagement on tumblr posts you had to "click through for better resolution" for instance

@Gargron hey!! itd be cool if we could resize the columns on the web app, or be able to add/subtract columns?

@suplex24 @Gargron yes this! I want to have 12 mastodon columns on my monitors like I'm logged into the Matrix.

@forgetcanon @suplex24 You can do this! Click on the icon in the column header and then "pin"

@Gargron I love the local feed! I'm not quite sure what is considered "local" tho

@Gargron hi, Louis Gee here, totally new account. I wish that Luigi guy was a mod, or maybe .social’s official mascot.

@Gargron i'm settled in but i've never felt so unsettled in my life

also, let us change the colour scheme/theme of our homepages (this is like twitter dark rn but i want twitter hot pink or twitter pastels or something)

@Gargron please i want more themes,, and the ability to edit posts :gnomeHey:

@Gargron More of a question : what's the use of the "favourite" button ?

@ShenAinan @Gargron same as it was anywhere else =] normally you fave a post to let the poster know you like the post or otherwise agree with it.

@Gargron Honestly i really like mastodon and all its features even thought its a lil confusing at first is really good website

not sure if this is even an implementable feature but its one that would get rid of like. the one glaring issue on all of mastodon. an easy way to switch between accounts/ different instance accounts. like being able to link accounts together and have them listed somewhere on the left sidebar so you can click between them to change between their timelines/ make posts.

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