For anyone who is uncomfortable with the multi-column layout of default Mastodon, check out the webapp - it's single-column with tabs.

@GrumpyKidneyEater If I understand this question right, you are wondering what to enter when it asks for your instance. Yours is, you can see it in the browser's address bar.

@Gargron What exactly is an instance, if you don't mind me asking?

An instance is which server on the fediverse you are using. Yours is, mine is There are many instances out there--plenty for specialized groups, such as for linux, art, and etc.

@lunariaan an instance is comparable to an email provider. Your email/mastodon is hosted in one particular place (provider/instance), but you can communicate seamlessly with people in other places thanks to standardized protocols for passing around messages/toots.

@lunariaan An instance is a single server hosting the mastodon application. It's your "home" in the vast fediverse.

Some people get confused because they think that Mastodon is a single website. But it's actually a series of websites all talking to each other, each with its own address, rules, hardware, owners, etc.

Each one of these servers or websites is what we call an instance. For example, I run, my instance!

@lunariaan Mastodon isn't a centralized service - it's a part of the Fediverse, which is a network of smaller, interconnected services talking to each other. Each such server is called an instance - and each instance that runs Mastodon software is a Mastodon instance.

For example, I'm from which runs on a separate server than , but you can interact with me because the two instances talk to each other.


@Gargron encourage them to use brutaldon instead so that they can experience true fear

@switchingsocial @Gargron I know it's not a full solution but you can change the order or hide any columns. Just in the meantime.


I host the same on just for the convenience of instance-local users, it's nice.

@gargron Multi-columns are the best part of Mastodon.

Forget decentralization, or open source, or focusing on good user experience, the important thing is efficient use of screen real-estate. That is my religion.

@61 Yes, it uses OAuth. It's entirely client-side.


Erm... Why do I keep seeing this? I'm not in private browsing.

@Naughtylus Are you using Privacy Badger? It blocks some instances (thinking they are third-party trackers 🙄). You could also try another browser. If not, the admin of fosstodon may need to read this


oh this is awesome! really good and helpful and easier to visually process for me <3

@melodicsiren Instance (server) is where your account is hosted, for example yours is (you see this in your browser's address bar)

@gargron is there a list of alternative interfaces like this one?

@Gargron I like the multi-column. It's like Hootsuite before Hootsuite got annoying


OMG this is amazing, and it has a theme that's black and lavender, my favorite colors. TYSM <3

@Gargron wow thx! I'm a lil overwehlmed with this layout. But it's not working for me😅 🤔

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