I have updated to exclude from the picker, because other servers need some new user love too!

@Gargron you've been cursed forever by the tumblrs may god have pity on your soul

@Gargron It's because of that one post on tumblr that specifically mentioned

@Gargron tbh you didn't have to do it like that (like closing regs coulda been less drastic) but I do commend the action!

@jalcine Closed registrations servers also don't appear on the picker so I feel like this was the less extreme option as we don't need to turn down people who come here through old links

@Gargron a ver si es verdad criatura que el dedo no me da para silenciar.

@Scesivo @Gargron tampoco le animes tanto vamos a esperar a ver qué hace. 😂😂😂

@Gargron We at have some free resources 😋

@Gargron I joined on mobile so I didn't even know I could go to the .art server r.i.p!!

@Grimm_ You can still switch to a different instance and import your follows. You can't take your toots or followers, but here's a pretty good tool to let them know about it:

@nutomic ✌ thanks Felix! I don't have any followers so I'm pretty much safe to hop over to my own screambox over in .art jkdggh

@nutomic How do I move my account to :fatyoshi: I am but a clueless child

@Grimm_ Just create a new account there, then you can export the follows from your current account (in the settings), and import them on the new one.

@nutomic Ah, okay! Ofc now it looks like they closed signups rip....

@Grimm_ Maybe you have to wait a bit then. Or pick another instance, there are a lot of them.

@Gargron Nah, you can leave that in there. Just boost other mastodon servers lol

@Gargron I have a question about other servers. If I want to join another one, should I just use the same email as this one? And are servers linked at all or do they all stand alone in terms of accounts?


If you go to another server, you will have to create a new account.

@kirbyemmitt It doesn't matter what email you use. If you create an account on a different instance, it is basically completely seperate (you can point at your new account from the old one, but that's it).

@Gargron how do you change to a new instance? I think this is the most difficult part to sort out

@Gargron Are you sure about this? I think it might be a better idea to implement a general feature encouraging users to pick less popular instances.

Is it possible to transfer an account, including followers and followees, to a new server?

When I signed up, that's what scared me away from small servers.
I figured larger, more proven servers were more likely to stick around.

If you told people they could transfer and not lose anything, I think they'd be more brave about picking smaller, more niche servers.

@Gargron I think this is a great idea.

Out of curiosity do you have a long-term plan for (max cap of users, ramp-down of users, etc) or do you just take things day by day?

@Gargron Hi could you add "italian" in language section with our instance ( in ?

@Yulegen 🎄 It's the "" fever. Everybody wants to join the "official server". Diaspora's method worked, they closed registration when they started 5 years ago.

@Aaron Crowder @Nathanaël @🦊❄️ChristmasFox🦊❄️ @Year2k38™ 🇧🇷 @admin

@Gargron got in on the last wave
a position of privilege and status

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