I've been working on this for the past week: An opt-in profile directory for each Mastodon server.

@Gargron Love opt-in stuff! :D (please don't forget to mention it in the documentation so new admins know about it)

@v You misunderstand, it's opt-in per-user. Info in the link.

Its good can you also add what trending something like that would be cool
And hashtag need to be added manually by admin or user ?

@Gargron @inditoot I don't mean to yuck your yum but trends is how bot farms control the conversation over Twitter

Thats true although explore feature is needed so thumbs up for that👍

@Eugen 🎄 @Hey Manu!! @dansup 🎅

Someday we need to start talking about a decentralised fediverse directory. Friendica, Hubzilla, and the Zap/Osada projects each have their own project wide mirrored directory servers, but it's time to bring these all together and include the rest of the fediverse. The things we've learned already:  
a) make sure it's opt-in
b) make sure each participant pings the directory at regular intervals or whenever there's a profile change. This way we reduce the occurrence of stale data and can prune dead accounts and servers (those that haven't pinged the server "recently").
c) optionally provide a supported protocols field so that the directory itself is protocol agnostic.

@Gargron Yes! Some things to better explore and find stuff & people here is needed and good. :)

@Gargron And I learn of this only *after* hours failing to get naumanni to work ;-;

@Gargron mmm it's seem a very very good start point to know what's going on here :) It will be in the next release?

Great! But I think that making it federated from the start is a priority.

I also like the way #Mastalab used the Trunk categories for its user directory.

Thank you! A great feature for the #Mastodon instances of a community.

#LB still not sure about that feature.

Not sure how useful it would be on small instances.

Not sure how it would withstand spammers and stuff.

Not sure about the issues that stemmed from trending hashtags.

when accosted as to why I didn't put money in the Salvation Army kettle, apparently the correct response is not "I don't give money to hate groups"

@Gargron think this is a really good addition especially for new users. 👏👏👏

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