I feel like i always get so quiet when lots of new people arrive, like damn Eugen, don't say anything stupid, don't spam people with music 😩

@Gargamel absolutely do spam them with The Mighty Masturbator

@Gargron please eugen... more shitposts. it's what the people desire

@Gargron dude everyone is literally saying anything that comes to mind, any words that come from you would seem smart compared to what everyone else is saying on here

@Gargron if it's any help, and i'm not being meme-y, we're all expecting each other to say something stupid. so you can just let er rip and it's probably fine

@Gargron my dude anything you say will be perfectly fine, in the like, four days I've been here I've Seen Things™️, so please!!! Join the fun and chatter away!!

@Gargron 😱 I have not but now u Gotta tell me those are the Rules

@hiddentriforce Absolutely do not research the cube. You're better off that way

@Gargron See now i'm just curious I Gotta Know™️, can't be worse than anything I've seen on tumblr in the past 8 years

@Gargron if saying something stupid was bad we'd all be in trouble

@Gargron and let the feed be spammed with memes and cock?????

@Gargron I am new, so still getting used to the platform, but thanks to you, the timeline moves forward! So thanks, and keep'em coming! :thinkerguns:

@Gargron I am also new and absolutely spam me with music! I'm always excited to hear what wacky stuff other people can find! 😄

@Gargron that lasted like one hour 🤣 (you're fine!! it's nice!!!)

@Gargron Dear Google, how do I remove the admin from my timeline on Mastodon? 😉

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