I think if the "fediverse" were to have a logo, it should make use of the space analogy. Make it a graph between stars, with some stars in the background. Not just a very generic graph.


@Gargron When I think "Federation" I think Star Trek, so yeah, a logo with stars seems very appropriate.

Maybe not a straight up ripoff of the UFP emblem, but one that evokes the same ideas.

@maperal que se abra un concurso de logos y unas votaciones seria justo. ;)

@Gargron @merce

@Gargron I never really realized that Fediverse was it's own huge thing, I thought it was just a part of Mastodon

@Gargron This logo does make it look like a place for gay witches, and I can't argue with that.

@Yulegen 🎄 @María Pérez Good thing you mentionid this. I personally don't like the first proposed logo. The #fediverse community need to start submitting logo proposals then we can make some voting process 4 months from the call for a logo.


a constellation shaped like a mastodon came to mind, but the execution of such a thing would be tricky. fine line between "a blob that's oh yeah a logo" and "a logo that's a little generically shaped" and all

@gargron I'm not really sure what "fediverse" means. Wouldn't e-mail be part of that? So basically everybody is in *that one* already. 🤨

The federated social web using standardized (or pre-AP: submitted for standardization) protocols.

@clacke but is it federated if the protocols are only open but not interoperable? I mean Diaspora or would be an example, right? They don't support ActivityPub. By pinning it down to open standards I see big wormholes in that "fediverse".

Federated just means it's an open-ended system where nodes can be added without collaboration between node owners, and nodes can discover each other and trust each other to represent their own namespaces.

Diaspora and are not standardized, as in managed by a standards authority. But now I saw the gap in my wide definition: It would include the IndieWeb as well.

So really it's just an ad-hoc definition. The Fediverse is the OStatus network, and the meaning has been expanded to include the AP network, because the major OStatus implementations adopted AP.
I don't know how a protocol would look that would implicitly support interoperability with another protocol. OStatus and AP partly fit that description, as Friendica is able to encode and send Diaspora data in OStatus and AP messages to help other Friendica nodes deduplicate messages.

@clacke that sounds like we are on the same page, regarding AP being the big bang of the fediverse.

OpenMicroBlogging was the Big Bang, OStatus was the Photon Epoch when the first atoms started forming, and ActivityPub is the end of the Photon Epoch and the start of structure formation, when stars can start forming. We have already seen a bunch of supernovae exploding and spreading enriched users to form new and heavier stars.

@mray IIRC Fediverse refers to all servers that speak the OStatus protocol. So Mastodon, other ActivityPub applications?(I think Activitypub specifies a way to fallback to Ostatus), GNU Social, Peertube, etc all fall into this

@Gargron How about a fractal that combines star-like and graph-like visuals?

Why not just make it the activity pub logo? That's the primary federation protocol after all.

@Izzet Guildmage Wraidd Maybe, considering CBS doesn't have anyone they can target for infringement. 🤣🤣🤣 Unless the law in the US allows random targets. 😑 The fediverse will get free mainstream publicity too, as they say in marketing, negative publicity is still publicity. 😂😂 @Yulegen 🎄
@mray Not really. "Fediverse" was first coined during the Identica-Friendica-Diaspora era and was already restricted to "any software that publishes public and private updates/statuses and replies/comments that federates with at least two different software regardless of protocol" (that's the best summary I can give). That places email outside of the scope of the fediverse (I had to coin "DDFON" or the "Decentralised, Distributed, Federated, Open Network" just to be able to include XMPP-based social networks because the label "fediverse" doesn't cover those).

@Nuclear Baked Potato I think the W3C has trademark over the ActivityPub logo. Also, AP is just one protocol within the fediverse as far as what the fediverse means when it was first coined 5, 6, years ago.

Today, the word #fediverse is still the same. It still doesn't include XMPP-based social networks (they're alive and kicking) nor emails. I discourage taking my word for it, maybe someone kept archives somewhere, which is much better. 😉

@Yulegen 🎄
@Gargron I mean, I kind of like the proposed logo. It does, after all, make itself into a star shape.

It's funny, though, some of my early attempts to build federated communities fell under the codename "Project Constellation"

@sean I think it's also bad that the graph is so connected. The strength of the fediverse is that its topology can be as sparse as you want

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