When you're explaining decentralization

@Gargron me trying to explain how fedi works to my friends :p
@acidburn @Gargron At first yeaah, but after a bit of getting in the rabbit hole…
Weew it’s not just an actual network.

@lanodan Mastodon is complicated, Decentralization is not ;)

@acidburn @lanodan there's so many forms of decentralization. I created some useless software (~16 users) and explained how it works to my dad. he asked if it is going to have any advertisement in time... he was missing the point why I made this I guess

@Gargron that was me giving a federated storage lecture to some grad students this week. "this node doesn't know shit so it asks another node that doesn't know shit but knows better shit. it's obviously O(log N) because you always learn at least half a shit"

@Gargron An actual conversation...

Her: If people from Tumblr go to mastodon it'll get a bad reputation.

Me: only the instances that allows it. If you don't want to be part of that, you don't have to be in that instance.

Her: It wont matter by then because it'll already have the bad rep.

Me: So if google mail get's a bad rep no one will want to use yahoo mail?

Her: That's not the same.

Me: It is.

Her: Google and Yahoo aren't the same thing.


when you're explaining decentralisation but the entire fediverse is perpetually in the shadow of one enormous instance

@Gargron You can't say no to decentralization because of the

@Gargron me explaining that American presidents all use similar language around nationalism and the economy

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