@gargron Any plans for future safeguards? These bots were relatively harmless but I worry about those that want to spam gore or something.

@Gargron perhaps "silenced" is a better word to use. Thank you.

@Gargron *adds Botslayer to the list of titles used when introducing Gargron in the manner of Daenerys*

@Gargron Gargron emerges from the flickering dark, his shirt torn, blood dripping thick from his hands, a harrowed, emotionless, look upon his face...

@Gargron Bots are now against the rules on mast.social? All of them?

Yea here too on qoto.org. Thankfully we catch them and block them early. But it happens daily.


@Gargron i love you and youre doing more than tumblr ever could

@Gargron bravo! Nice to see how swiftly it was acted upon.

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