I no longer have a twitter account from which to tell notch to shut the fuck up

@Gargron golly, guess somebody else will have to do it for you,

somebody like,


@Gargron I doubt he can see what he's typing. You know, with the literal mountain of cash in the way.


Probably for the best, it's likely you'll just be yelling at the digital equivalent of a brick wall, which, he did help create after all.

Notch has the fuck you money so he can drop truth bombs without fear. Love the guy.

@whinningcripple He's an asshole with no social skills who lucked into big money. He has no wisdom or knowledge to offer from re-making Lego blocks into a video game.

He is a one hit wonder, but saying he just remade Lego into a video game is like saying you just remade GNU Social.

@whinningcripple shut the fuck up you unbelievably stupid fascist Gamer®-as-identity loser

Says the one who considered his gender identity important enough to include pronouns in his bio

@whinningcripple wow what a pathetic comeback. i actuall ly don't give a shit about gender and think it's a harmful idea/convention, that's why i'm fine with "they". putting your pronouns in your bio is basically the same thing as having a name/username; all it means is "here's what to call me" - it means people don't need to infer gender from potentially inaccurate cues like your username, display pic, or post history

@notch's babycries 

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