If you see someone on using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.

@Gargron I'm just starting to use Mastodon and doing a fair amount of reposting from my other social networks. Problem or no?

@TCampbell I don't know what you mean by reposting but if it's not cross-posting automatically it's not about you

@TCampbell @Gargron there is a program that was built to relay all your content from twitter to mastodon automatically. There were some settings to do it in a bit of a more limited fashion and to also send from mastodon to twitter, but most people simply used it to relay content from twitter to mastodon without any filtering or constraints. This matters because everything is out of context and nothing is tagged or CW'd.

@TCampbell @Gargron the Mastodon community is generally ok with folks that are actively engaged on both sites (like myself). I’ll hop between sites all day and often posts things on both sides.

@Gargron In at least one case I find it valuable. We can just unfollow the ones that get annoying, yes?

@Gargron I think it makes sense to ban non-interactive accounts from Those belong on :-)

@Gargron its nice to be able to follow accounts like @eff without having to go on Twitter though. 😐

@benjancewicz @Gargron @pixelfed

I would much rather see folks post on Masto and then cross post it to Twitter.

@Gargron I'm curious about this because one aspect is there are certain people from Twitter I like to follow who are not ready to jump ship to Mastodon yet. It would be nice to be able to follow them without leaving Mastodon, and seems bots would help with that.

@Gargron Do you mean they are using something like IFTTT and webhooks to simply post their own tweets to Masto, or something else?

I am not sure I agree either way. If they do and people are following them, then the followers are to blame.

It's bad form, and I unfollow people who "re-tweet" on Mastodon. But spam? I think I would want to see examples.

Maybe I am missing something?

@Gargron Making people paranoid about what constitutes good cross posting isn’t going to do m.s any good. There’s more than one social network in the world.

@craigtimpany The whole point of the post is that the people who do that already don't give a shit about Mastodon, so I don't see the problem. Like literally, if you saw my post, congrats, it's clearly not about you.

@Gargron there are apps that allow both oauth apis. im using one.

@Gargron I think it serves its purpose now.. as a bridge. The best way IMHO to transition people during the exodus, in a couple of years maybe but now it's too early.

@Gargron for example on more than one occasion I've invited more "mainstream" media creators to join the fediverse I know that they won't take the time to duplicate their efforts here...yet. However it's a small crack in the door, when they finally clue in and the critical mass abandons the other services they already know about Mastodon.

@Gargron Perhaps they should be considered bots. Or cyborgs.

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