It's fucking impossible to download a video hosted on Reddit, what a shitty website


I don't have a choice, the video is too good: Prime Minister of Luxembourg about Brexit

@Gargron Or... Y'know... The whole thing? Because let's face it, that interviewer... Chose poorly.

Yeah Reddit videos are a pain 

A bit of searching led me to which contains specified as the fallback URL, changing that to gets the audio track, then trusty ol' `ffmpeg` to combine the two and make it all small enough and in a format that the Mastodon web interface accepts, et (eventually) viola.

Yeah Reddit videos are a pain 

@keithzg @Gargron Or .. you can just use youtube-dl, which has a handler for Reddit Video 😊

Yeah Reddit videos are a pain 

@moritzheiber Yeah, in theory. I even updated it and it still only downloaded the video, not the audio, though :/

Yeah Reddit videos are a pain 

@keithzg I just downloaded it without any issues .. ? Use the original post URL, not the straight video URL.

Yeah Reddit videos are a pain 

@moritzheiber *shrug* that's exactly what I did at first, I'm surprised that it didn't work too!

@Gargron the question is just stupid by the reporter. Basically implies: „Help us or we will kill us all!“

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