Helping bring back to life...


it looked very odd the other day... nothing in queues...

I am concerned about the agressiveness of the SSL inspection on their Fortigate.

@thegibson @Gargron hey i just wanna say thank you at thegibson for all your efforts helping out knzk, i saw your posts and appreciated the hard work

and thank you eugen for helping solve the issue!

sorry to not add anything but thanks, but, i'm really grateful. have a nice night/day/whenever

@Gargron thank you eugen, it's kind of you to help and i appreciate your efforts.

@Gargron I’d be fascinated to see a post-mortem for the fix

@Gargron I'm trying to use my Evanescence method of summoning...and I'm givin' it all she's got, cap'n!

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