@Gargron What's with all of these app stores and whatnot suddenly turning into hard-line "family friendly values only" type places?

@frinkeldoodle @Gargron my tinfoil hat is going all x-files about what the reason is but my knee-jerk reaction is "stakeholder funding"


It's because of the FOSTA/SESTA bill in the U.S. Any american site is going to be affected. And it helps that they are just loving the opportunity to drive out queer people.

@Gargron what the actual fuck is happening right now to the internet

@trashyfins @Gargron ok I have compiled an incomplete list of services that violate those terms:

- shopping websites
- Google (search engine)
- web browsers
- YouTube
- Wikipedia

@ben @Gargron time to ban websites from the internet

it's gopher time my dudes

@trashyfins @Gargron bad news

gopher can transport sexually explicit text

we need to cancel gopher now

@ben @Gargron oh heck oh frickle

we need to cancel humans now

they can speak hornt things,

@trashyfins @Gargron App Stores are fucking bullshit. They took the classic model of the Linux package repository or BSD ports tree and bastardized them into single repo, non-modifiable, walled gardens. I wish the Ubuntu Edge had been funded or that there was more support for KDE Plasma or that Blackberry/Palm/Windows didn't fall so damn far behind as to leave us with the shittiest mobile ecosystem we could possibly have.

@saga I had a Handspring Visor, a Palm from that generation, and years later a Treo, Centro and Palm Pre. Never had a BlueBerry. I briefly had a Windows Mobile 8 around 2014 or 2015 I think. I wish Microsoft would just publish the unlock codes for their bootloaders. Those Nokia would be decent KDE Plasma platforms .. some of the few ARM + UEFI devices.

@Themanwhoisit If Instagram or Twitter start removing adult content, the fediverse will have some interesting times.

@Gargron This is an honest question, since I don't quite follow - how is it that Mastodon is able to stay free from this level of crack down on nudity and "sexual themes" ?

Does it have something to do with each instance being hosted on it's own server? 🤔

@Ellteo Tumblr, Artstation, Twitter, Instagram, for that matter Google and Apple are all United States companies. Mastodon isn't. Some Mastodon servers are in the USA, and subject to its laws, but others aren't.

@Gargron That's what I thought - thank you for the clarification! ❤️

@Ellteo @Gargron
Please please note most if not all are also for-profit institutions.

Instagram is not adult content friendly. They share similar guidelines as their parent company Facebook.

@Gargron are those pix really what counts as sexually gratifying?

@Gargron It's what we get for trusting companies that only need us to grow.

@Gargron While I sincerely doubt ArtStation is going to change any of its policies (they comply with US law), this is turning into a huge pain in the ass for platform providers...

ArtStation doesn't rely on ad revenue, and users don't rely on the app to use the service, so they probably won't react like Tumblr did. But it's stupid that they have to appeal something because app stores/companies are too reliant on user complaints and algorithms for moderation.

Does that mean that Mastodon apps like could be affected by this policy?!

@dheadshot @Gargron that is my question. Though perhaps they can still be installed through f-droid.

@dheadshot @Gargron Many such apps are available using the f-droid app, an alternative app store.

@Gargron Well, I have read the policy for them, seems all is good, they already had to hide anything NSFW for their mobile app, so they are just working out a way to get back without removing NSFW content (just hide even more within the app only)

No reason to panic really, they aren't as stupid as Facebook or Tumblr...

@Gargron And yet, DeviantArt keeps on loading up on furry "art"... Oh wait. They're are owned by Wix, an Israeli cloud company with ties to... Waze, the GPS map service, which Google has owned since 2013. So, there you go; Google can either own you or disown you, aka bury you so far from their search engine and apps you don't exist as far as the common public is concern.

@Gargron Where is this surge of Puritanism and theocracy coming from?

@Gargron With any luck, Google and Apple are going to end up inspiring a new, third alternative to their app stores.

@Gargron Maybe I am totally wrong ... but companies like Google, Apple, Amazon use violating as excuse to kick apps. I can only tell my impression from Apple. They kick crypto apps - why, because if the 3 / 4 letter agencies get no backdoor Apple gets a problem. If Apple say no to things countries like China like to get then this countries kick the Apple store there. Apple is a company for profit so, backdoors in their system are bad for business. Same if they kicked out from new markets. If you look at their store, only in-app purchase based games (30 % for Apple / 70 % for the developer) bring real money. And influencers nowadays are children. If parents see their children can get violating content they stop to allow to spent money. And so on. But who knows, maybe I am total wrong.
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