Honestly I've kind of run out of energy for keeping up with facebook scandals. But people's reactions seem more angry this time, I guess it's something bad

It would probably make sense to write a blog post about current events, because it might get shared around and generate discussion and lead people here, but I am so tired of having to re-write the same point over and over just because only new articles get attention.

Facebook bad. The end

@Gargron eugen hire me as your communications person!!! let me write things for mastodon!!!

@Gargron do you think it's worth writing a call to action for activity pub. Split up the parts people like into seperate units..

Instagram = pixelfed and WordPress is we need Tumblr/livejournal clone

But we also need photos/events/groups as a service to move away from FB

facepalm has Skinner Box dopamine engineering, gaslights people into believing that it actually represents what's actually happening in the world, monopolizes how events organize.
I propose giving people some base level webskills and overcoming the "free services here" fb pitch would go a long way. host an event page or biz on a server (i'm liking digital ocean but i'm noob) oh and buy friends multiple hard drives. "oh no all my pictures of my kids are on fb" 🙄

@amydentata @Gargron Because they literally don't care and refuse to believe that any of it affects them.

Which is a far from the truth as it gets, but any excuse to avoid the tiniest sliver of effort to make a personal change. :blobtilt:

@Gargron apparently they were literally letting companies like Netflix and spotify read people's PMs

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