I was invited to consult a European research project called Eunomia. The project aims to implement a web of trust system for the spread of news in social networks, and I will be advising them on how their system can work with decentralized social networks, and Mastodon in particular. I'll also be doing community outreach, since at some point we'll need volunteers for trying it out.

The kick-off meeting is in January, in London. I bought the tickets today. Excited & equally terrified.

@Gargron If You will follow me, and keep me in mind, I would be interested in helping to test the project. It sounds extremely exciting, and I would be willing to help in any way that I can. 🙂 Enjoy London!!

@Gargron good to get some touch about such a big subject. hope you will be heard.
here is a short #Snowden talk about fighting fake news with more freedom of speech, and less #censorship.

That's great! I'm already curious how it turns out. Keep us up to date pleeease😊

I'm not sure about the naming of the project though. Eunomia, the Goddess (central power) of law and legislation (censorship?). But that's probably kind of over-interpretation, let's wait for January. 🙂

@Gargron it’s a very interesting question. Consensus and news don’t seem to go hand in hand. News happens regardless of how many of us witness it. Or are we calculating how many of us witness the same news and are affected by it?

@Gargron you could go by train... Exciting opportunity, happy for you!!!

@Gargron Also exited, looking forward to work with you!

@Gargron this is legit fascinating and i'm curious as to what they have in mind and how they'll implement it. best of luck!

@Gargron they need to take into account that lots of people believe the weirdest crap. Last thing I heard 20% of Americans don't believe the moon landing happened. Will web of trust help in this scenario?

Congrats! I can help, too. Will the topic of encryption come up in this discussion? I think it's necessary to be discussed, otherwise the argument of MITM attacks might spoil the advantages of decentralised networks as a means against fake news.

@Gargron You're gonna be great at that. I hope you get free snacks.

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