For Christmas I wish the fediverse to grow, and Facebook to die

@Gargron Now now. Christmas has no need for such harsh wishes. Don't wanna get coal, do you?

@Gargron Facebook — the company behind React? Why do you want it to die?

@Gargron Hell I'd settle for a critical mass of IRL friends on Diaspora and/or Mastodon so that I could totally kill those accounts.

@Gargron @mcmansionhell
Santa baby
Please cancel Facebook permanently
For me
Been an awful good dev
Santa baby
And sign up on the fedi tonight
Santa baby
An exodus from centralized tools
That rules
Send 'em all over here
Santa baby
And sign up for an instance tonight

@Gargron I just want Facebook (mostly Mark Zuckerberg) to die, but also a horrible death, all year round...

@citrustwee Who is in my house telling me to go off. Show yourself coward. I will never go off

@Gargron Twitter gives me good product update warnings. Saves me from unnecessary buggy headaches,

@dustin @Gargron LinkedIn DIE DIE DIE! ;) Deleted my account there, but when you delete it, they will NOT delete your email address(es) and continue spamming you

Nah. They should both die horribly and simultaneously.

@chidgey If we're being honest and ranking by evil influence on the world, I think Facebook is first, Twitter is second.

I want pretty near the same, but.. Not at the point of FaceBook death.. Just.. People that finally understand by which person FaceBook is ruled..

@Gargron for christmas I wish for activitypub to die in a fire and be replaced by a protocol that makes at least some fucking sense

@Gargron The second part of the wish is kind of destructive. So endorsing only the first part 🔮

Would be great for Fedi to grow in 2022. 🎄 🔝
(because it's really depressing that the number of new nodes is so far always ~same as the number of nodes going down).

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