Toot of the year would be unironically interesting to me

Alright, I've got a list of 30 most boosted toots on Have to figure out how to share that

Okay, here are 28 most-boosted toots on that were created in 2018!

28 because one toot author presumably has me blocked, and @puckipedia doesn't have OEmbed.

Please mind that boost counters are not synchronized between servers, so this list only indicates what users have been boosting.

Should I re-post that on instead of JSFiddle?

Okay, I have to admit now that I'm porting this list to a real blog post I'm noticing how many "boost if" toots there are on there, and it's not a good look. Except for the kitty of course.

@laser It just sounds like's entire feed

@Gargron I would vote for Maddie’s bathroom post just since it went pretty viral on AND off Masto

@LuigiEsq @Gargron
Yeah mood same. It was big on twitter and reddit and tbh #maddie deserves it cuz she’s the heckin best tooter in the world

@Gargron d'you mean the toot with the most boosts, or the most popular toot as voted for by lots of tooters?

@Gargron that doesn’t sound like it could be gamed at all :p

@root That's not my fault, I've been boosting toast


get on it! prove socialism is correct and boost toast!

@Gargron You only can see what is "known" on the local server right?

@chartier Iterative process? Wasn't sure anyone but me was interested in that list

@Gargron That’s fair. Well FWIW I think it’s a fun list and a good idea.


@Gargron Better silly stuff like that than post calling out people or roasting them.

@Gargron “boost if” toots exist outside linear time and therefore circumvent the chronological timeline

@Gargron keep in mind that it was mostly if not all positive nontoxic content. It's a pretty good look.

@bijou We shouldn't encourage people to be chasing (and especially begging for) boosts

@Gargron probably not, but without some kind of karma system it doesnt really matter how much boosts a person gets in the end. I don't think they were begging for boosts for some kind of notoriety, I know I've said "pls share" just because I thought more people than just my small audience would appreciate my joke or whatever. But to be fair to you, that's just me.

@Gargron So essentially... rewind. *hides behind cover*

@Gargron These are great!

It's almost like a "Top Toots" or a "Trending Toots" would be a cool feature. 😉

@bigtlb @Gargron I think it'd be better to have a 3rd party do that (e.g. resurrect Favstar) than to build that in on a native level.

So, the list of the most-boosted toots includes begging for boosts and offensive ‘fuck a group of people’ post, that’s what I would expect from mainstream, corporate-owned social media… (I love the project, but community isn’t anyhow different here)

@m4sk1n if a group of people doesn't recognize your existence or your dignity then they deserve no respect :trebuchet: :blobcatcoffee:

@Gargron Seems like there is an exceedingly large amount of 'Everything is better when people are nice to each other'. Turns out, being nice is Mastodon clickbait...

@Gargron @puckipedia It's awesome that someone can block the person running the project and hide content!


@Gargron toot of the year is fucking wound cube no contest
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