Toot of the year would be unironically interesting to me

Alright, I've got a list of 30 most boosted toots on Have to figure out how to share that


Okay, here are 28 most-boosted toots on that were created in 2018!

28 because one toot author presumably has me blocked, and @puckipedia doesn't have OEmbed.

Please mind that boost counters are not synchronized between servers, so this list only indicates what users have been boosting.

Should I re-post that on instead of JSFiddle?

Okay, I have to admit now that I'm porting this list to a real blog post I'm noticing how many "boost if" toots there are on there, and it's not a good look. Except for the kitty of course.


hmm it's alright... but a severe lack of toast.

@root That's not my fault, I've been boosting toast


get on it! prove socialism is correct and boost toast!

@Gargron You only can see what is "known" on the local server right?


is this the case on any instance?

when I see the number of boosts on a toot that's just the number of times it's been boosted on my current instance?

@malevolent_usb_drive Yes, unless the toot was created on your instance, in which case it's the fullest count. You can click on the date/time of any toot to go to the public page of that toot which always contains the fullest count.


gotcha, so if I'm looking at the toot via the domain from which it's posted that's the total count including all other instances, however if I'm looking at a toot from another instance through my instance's domain it will only me the toots on my instance?

this makes sense I just wanted to be sure I understand

@chartier Iterative process? Wasn't sure anyone but me was interested in that list

@Gargron That’s fair. Well FWIW I think it’s a fun list and a good idea.


@Gargron Better silly stuff like that than post calling out people or roasting them.

@Gargron “boost if” toots exist outside linear time and therefore circumvent the chronological timeline

@Gargron keep in mind that it was mostly if not all positive nontoxic content. It's a pretty good look.

@bijou We shouldn't encourage people to be chasing (and especially begging for) boosts

@Gargron probably not, but without some kind of karma system it doesnt really matter how much boosts a person gets in the end. I don't think they were begging for boosts for some kind of notoriety, I know I've said "pls share" just because I thought more people than just my small audience would appreciate my joke or whatever. But to be fair to you, that's just me.

@Gargron So essentially... rewind. *hides behind cover*

@Gargron These are great!

It's almost like a "Top Toots" or a "Trending Toots" would be a cool feature. 😉

@bigtlb @Gargron I think it'd be better to have a 3rd party do that (e.g. resurrect Favstar) than to build that in on a native level.

So, the list of the most-boosted toots includes begging for boosts and offensive ‘fuck a group of people’ post, that’s what I would expect from mainstream, corporate-owned social media… (I love the project, but community isn’t anyhow different here)

@m4sk1n if a group of people doesn't recognize your existence or your dignity then they deserve no respect :trebuchet: :blobcatcoffee:

@Gargron Seems like there is an exceedingly large amount of 'Everything is better when people are nice to each other'. Turns out, being nice is Mastodon clickbait...

@Gargron @puckipedia It's awesome that someone can block the person running the project and hide content!


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