Something something follower migration work in progress, lengthy thoughts about traffic implications and risks

@Gargron Suggestion: Rather than AUTO-following the new account, it instead adds it to a new list of New-Account Notifications, in the same place the list of Follow Requests are for locked accounts:

- Limits the risk of malicious usage, because it is an active decision
- Makes new follow EXPLICIT rather than IMPLICIT

- (a) People might dismiss it because they don't care, so not all followers will transfer
- (b) People will have to know to look there

@Gargron However:
- for (a) I'm... not sure that's.. bad?
- for (b) people will remind their followers to look at their New-Account Notifications like they now remind their followers to follow their new accounts, except this will cause them to remember EVERYONE, not just that one person

@Gargron (There's probably a better name than "New-Account Notidications" for the list.)

@Gargron As an instance admin, I support the Move feature in principle, and I figure we can find rate limiting options that will work target and/or source side to mitigate the risk.
I think ease of movement around the Fediverse is really important.

@Gargron is there a way of always remembering the old and new accounts as linked, or the same, so steps 2 to 5 just don't need to happen?

But doesn't this work already by messaging ones followers whenever I'm moving to a new account?

Or am I missing something?

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