When I learn that people don't know you can expand all CWs in a thread at once by clicking on the eye icon at the top :pika:

@Gargron Is that what that did?!? Tbh I just auto expand CWs these days (otherwise known as, "playing Mastodon on Danger Mode").

@andi @Gargron

I'd call it "russian roulette with the occasional necessity of brain bleach"

@Gargron can you detect that the "show" button was clicked many times on a thread and then bring up some kind of tooltip or such on the eye icon? I've thought about doing stuff like this for such things.

@lanodan It consistently means show/hide throughout the UI

@Gargron The eye is (mostly) for the sensitive, right?
CW has a show more/less, so would make more sense to have “show all” instead of an eye.

Any chance we could get a keyboard shortcut for it?

@Gargron Could be because clicking on the eye icon closes them all.

@Gargron lol ive been an admin for a year and a half and didn't know this

@Gargron “CW” throws me off every time, since it’s ham radio speak (one of my main uses of Mastodon/Twitter) for Morse Code. 🙃

@Gargron It seems to work for text CWs, but not sensitive images?

@Gargron nobody fuckin told us man half the buttons on mastodon are unintuitive random graphics that only make sense because someone who was here before us told us what they do

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