@Gargron I am 90% into spinning my own instance. Question - can you block specific instances from appearing on one's federated timeline?

@Gargron awesome! Hmmm... that solves the remaining 5%. The final 5% is just the technical requirements. 2019 is the year I spin my own mastodon instance. ;)

@Gargron Very good and well written, thank you. I hope enough people will see that article.

At the end I would have expanded a bit more on the issue of deplatforming; The reason why most tech firms can't resist is because other companies force them into it. This includes hosts, DNS, payment processors, donation sites, etc. Although not a pleasant example, what happened to Gab recently has shown us how this system works.

@Gargron I posted some feedback. Still learning to use Mastodon, so ... clunky;) (3 posts)

@Gargron so, in the spirit of decentralisation, are you closing registrations on .social? If not then all you’re doing is erecting a new monolith.

in this spirit, every instance that sometimes become the biggest instance is forced to close registration? sounds weird...

@guzzisti @dgold I was planning to write a blog post engaging with these arguments and explaining my position; that might still come later.

@guzzisti to preserve the federated nature of the system - yes, absolutely.

It might sound weird, but if mastodon is to be a genuine member of the fediverse, then it needs to ensure that no one site becomes the mastodon. Otherwise all your doing is recreating twitter et al except with some smaller twitters hanging off the edges.


@gargron can you put a light theme switch on the blog so it's accessible?

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