I want to return to a normal sleep schedule again, but it's painful because it means making a choice between friends on the other side of the globe and this side.

Also I need to do it soon, before my trip, or I will be even more of a wreck than usual. Ugh

Stressing about needing to fall asleep is not conductive to sleep

@Gargron the secret is to fall asleep when you are sleepy and if you wake up in the middle of the day, go for a jog if possible while getting sunlight.

Or just exercise until you are crazy tired and it should help you fall asleep by night time

@Gargron The night before last, when I was having trouble falling asleep, I suddenly realized I had been asleep and *dreaming* of having trouble falling asleep.

@Gargron if anyone could invent a DVR but for toots, it would be you chief. I believe in you.

@Gargron That's grave. My considerations are about sleeping on one side or the other ;)
My friends have nada to say in that matter!

@Gargron nop, it's a choice between you and others. And when it's related about something so important as health is, you should put yourself at first place!

@Gargron Your personal health beats friends *imho* so try to return to a normal sleep schedule.

@Gargron i switch phases through my morning schedule. To stay up later, i have to either sleep in or take a morning nap. To switch back to my early work schedule, I have to force myself to get up early.

you better becoms a flatearther, thus only one side of the 'globe' is available at a time ...

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