@Gargron can't wait to see how shitpostodon makes use of this new technology

@Gargron Scheduled or queued toots would be super awesome.

@daisy_todd Sorry to disappoint but it doesn't work as a queue, that would have to be something different.

@Gargron gonna ask :
Moderation visibility?
Limitation on the number of buffered posts?

@Technowix A limit sounds good. What limit should there be? Did tumblr have one?

@Gargron I really don't know, I just don't want someone ddos-ing the instance by preparing during months a bomb that will explode sidekiq lol

So something not too restrictive but that prevent misuses like this.

I don't know for Tumblr

@Gargron @Technowix To keep numbers consistent, I suggest no more than five scheduled posts. Five minutes. Five scheduled posts.

@Gargron @Technowix tumblr's limit is 300 queued posts, no time limit between posts except 250 posts daily (which applied to all your blogs, not just one of them and not just the queue system)

@Gargron no! We don't need tools designed to play for influence and reach

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