Working on uniting the "known instances" and "domain blocks" pages in the admin UI into one

Here is the PR for the new domains overview. Feedback from admins appreciated

@Gargron Sounds good. Can be a bit confusing at times.

@Gargron I'm getting the tootctl docs bits together and gotta say your code is so understandable and well annotated

@Gargron maybe that opinion is more a reflection on the complete mess of python we were given at my physics faculty though

@Gargron i'd do one big table with instances as rows, columns being "blocked" "media rejected" etc. i don't think instance-scale actions should be available at one thoughtless click

@valerauko Okay, that's one major point of confusion. Those are debuffs, not clickable actions.

@Gargron I think that it will be more convenient if I can search domains here so that accounts can be searched.

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