I am packing my bags for tomorrow, and also finishing up whatever needs to be done to push out the first release candidate for v2.7.0


To be honest I have not quite finished all I had in mind for this release, as you can see on the roadmap, a bunch of items are still "in progress":


However with me leaving on a trip tomorrow and people being thirsty for some of the already finished stuff, I'm just gonna tag it

Moderation warnings are fucking huge. That feature is already massively in use by the mastodon.social mod team. Plus the other admin UI improvements.

The sign up API might be a game changer once apps start making use of it. Having a sign up form on joinmastodon.org stops being technically impossible, as well.

@Gargron Every new release seems to offer new great features. Cheers! I just wish there was builtin language translation, and most of all the ability to follow tags... those are the only things I feel are missing for to be just perfect ❤️

@Gargron though "suspend" still sounds reversible, not irreversible.

@Gargron Speaking of moderation tools: Do you believe it would make sense to have a system for users to report instance blocks they consider unfair or excessive to the admins of their instance? Some kind of voting system perhaps, where multiple users can express agreement or disagreement toward another instance? The thought occurred to me recently, as I can see this becoming an issue in terms of resistance as the grows.

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron this might be useful for larger instances, but for small servers that make up the bulk of the Federation, folks can just DM their admin, or move to another server if they don't like their policies.

At the moment however, if an instance doesn't manually publish their block list, users have no way to know what's being filtered.

@Taris @MirceaKitsune @Gargron Yeah, being able to see such important configuration as a user would be a big plus.

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