Should we do a Q&A session while I'm on the train? Hit me with questions if you have them

You can ask me non-mastodon questions too

@Gargron A bit of a shame but maybe we'll see you at the Mastodon concert in a few days then ;-)

Could you explain the reasons behind the stack chosen to write Mastodon?

@nefix I prefer Rails. I've developed with PHP, Node and to some degree Go, but Rails is the most pleasant experience plus really fast turnaround

What are the odds of getting a more user-friendly interface for typing image descriptions?

@Gargron How's it going pal how's the dang train ride

@apow There's a lot of people, i do not like that very much

@Gargron that sounds rough. Hopefully the commute is quick!

@Gargron OK! When do you come back home?

And do you think the RC1 is stable enough for production?

@jeroenpraat If it was stable enough it wouldn't be an RC. But is running it, of course, and it's fine

@Gargron @geekygent I'm up to London tomorrow for an art exhibition - I'll wave to you across the town!

I sent you a question by DM yesterday afternoon.
I await your answer.
Thank you

@Gargron Were you surprised to see so many NSFW artists and creators head to Mastodon after the Tumblr purge? Or did you expect this would be a first stop?

@Gargron Makes sense. It’s also hard to think of any other enormous decentralized, federated social media platform in 2019, which is scary. Even Pillowfort has the potential to go down Tumblr’s route.

@Robby Whatever you want. I'm not attached to any particular pronunciation since I'm trilingual.

@hj @Gargron @Robby I’m just joking as laying it out alphabetically, like e u gen w, but yeah I guess both ユーゲン or ユージェン (I somehow always pronounce the latter one)

@Gargron what is your least favorite post from Mastodon 2018?

@Gargron I meant to ask a non-masto question... In addition, what is your favorite brand of sparkling water

@nuttgodd I'm not attached to any sprinkling water brands. Wait, do you mean water or any fizzy drink?

@Gargron I mean water! Is there a brand you tend to get more often at all?

@Gargron Ich trinke am liebsten Vöslauer, besonders gern superprickelnd. Manche Leute sagen mir, dass ich ganz wahnsinnig bin, weil ich Mineralwasser gern trinke.

@nuttgodd I just drink tap water if i want water. Filtered of course.

@nuttgodd @Gargron nutt, i swear to the fucking godd, stop advertising poland springs or else your going to drown from where they get their water 😈

@DirectorBlack @Gargron honestly I'd love to die where Vienna gets their tap water

@nuttgodd @Gargron and we'd all like to go to heaven to meet god, but we can't all get what we want now, can we?

@Gargron @nuttgodd we all know which geometric post this is referring to...

@007 @Gargron turban sage is peas compared to what I've done

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