Should we do a Q&A session while I'm on the train? Hit me with questions if you have them


You can ask me non-mastodon questions too

@Robby Whatever you want. I'm not attached to any particular pronunciation since I'm trilingual.

@hj @Gargron @Robby I’m just joking as laying it out alphabetically, like e u gen w, but yeah I guess both ユーゲン or ユージェン (I somehow always pronounce the latter one)

@Gargron what is your least favorite post from Mastodon 2018?

@Gargron I meant to ask a non-masto question... In addition, what is your favorite brand of sparkling water

@nuttgodd I'm not attached to any sprinkling water brands. Wait, do you mean water or any fizzy drink?

@Gargron I mean water! Is there a brand you tend to get more often at all?

@Gargron Ich trinke am liebsten Vöslauer, besonders gern superprickelnd. Manche Leute sagen mir, dass ich ganz wahnsinnig bin, weil ich Mineralwasser gern trinke.

@nuttgodd I just drink tap water if i want water. Filtered of course.

@nuttgodd @Gargron nutt, i swear to the fucking godd, stop advertising poland springs or else your going to drown from where they get their water 😈

@DirectorBlack @Gargron honestly I'd love to die where Vienna gets their tap water

@nuttgodd @Gargron and we'd all like to go to heaven to meet god, but we can't all get what we want now, can we?

@Gargron @nuttgodd we all know which geometric post this is referring to...

@007 @Gargron turban sage is peas compared to what I've done


I have two questions.

Would you consider yourself an international man of mystery, or is that just what everyone else considers you?

Can you give us any super-secret information regarding the release date of the Librem 5?

You said Non-Mastodon questions. :)

@thegibson I would not. I also can't tell you anything about the Librem, I do not work for them anymore.


Oh, you are still on their website... I was unaware.

@Gargron, you used to work for Purism?!? You’re just too cool, I’m geeking out over here.

@Gargron Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?

@Gargron whats the favourite place you have visited t hanks to Mastodon and why?

@carbontwelve Place? In real life? I haven't really traveled anywhere thanks to Mastodon (or at all). Right now I'm going to London, but I've been there before.

@Gargron London has some nice places to visit. I'd have thought you would have been invited to some events thanks due to your work on Mastodon?

@carbontwelve Oh yes, I have received a lot of invitations over 2 years, but I never go anywhere. I'm not a travel kind of person, and not a very public person.

@Gargron what movie would you prefer to be watching now if you were not doing this thread??

@Gargron who's the strongest between the elephant and the hippopotamus?

What is your favorite meal?

@gargron what is your least relatable/acccessible taste in music

@byttyrs I mean, very few people share my passion for progmetal. It doesn't go more inaccessible most of the time. I don't mind doom metal with growling, or Tibetan throat singing, but I rarely listen to either.

@Gargron What's the weather going to be like in London at the weekend?

@Gargron Well, technically not directly Mastodon-related, but I'm getting a "400 Server Error" when I try to upload an image.

as of 01.09.19 at 09:19 EST

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