One of the questions I am asked at the meeting, are there any politicians/journalists using Mastodon? Help me out


Please send me handles of politicians/journalists who are active on Mastodon

@Gargron I've had some enjoyable interactions with @rosjackson (at, and seems a good egg.


There is @Medor_mag in Belgium. Also Pirate Parties of Belgium and France have an instance, so their members are on Mastodon (unless you only wanted famous politicians, in which case it's not a very interesting question 😅 )

@Gargron watching this thread for the follow suggestions. Thanks for putting the question out there!

@Gargron so @occrp has already been mentioned in this thread, but an additional piece of context is that we now have a Mastodon/Fediverse button amongst social media buttons on our website and Mastodon/Fediverse is considered an official channel of communication, just like birdsite or any other social media.

@Gargron quite a few journalists I know have signed up, but they aren't very active here @mmasnick @sarahjeong @sarahp @leo

@Gargron It would be really neat to know that myself. Most are on but someday we may just see them on as well!

@seppini @Gargron Nee, meine Nutzung von Mastodon ist bis auf weiteres pausiert, weil mir das Bespielen mehrere Plattformen zu aufwändig ist. In meinen Followings sind tatsächlich mehrere Journalisten, Politiker aus relevanten Parteien habe ich hier noch keine gesehen.

@Gargron I'm here! Also know of some other journalists on, which @aendrew runs.

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