I've run some calculations based on questions. Unfortunately, no easy way for me to get this information for the entire fediverse, but based on the database:

25% of users post in English
6.5% in Japanese
3.7% in French
3.6% in Spanish
2.7% in Russian
2.4% in German

Notably, 71 users post in "squeak"

According to @TheKinrar's service, 162,776 people were active on Mastodon in the first week of 2019 (22,459 on

I want to experience Mastodon at 1 million active users (6x more than now)

@Gargron What do you want Mastodon to be when there are that many users here? I mean, whats your vision for how a big mastodon operates?

I'd love to see more people making their own spaces and stepping out of .Socials and I'd love more poets to come here.

@CorvusRobotica The same as now, just bigger. For example, I think if every other server grew to the size of, while stayed the same, we'd be close to the goal.

@Gargron @CorvusRobotica I really like to be part of a small instance. I think both big and small instances has value in different ways.

@CorvusRobotica @Gargron im looking for a place to post my poems, know a good instance?

@CorvusRobotica I was thinking about too hehe, but registrations are closed and I have no invite xD. Maybe ill try to find one when I finish exams

@dada Feel free to give me a list of those sites

@dada @Gargron I'm not convinced advertising is the way to go. On the contrary, I would say that it is contrary to the spirit of decentralization.

I am way more interested in a peer-to-peer campaign to invite people to as many instances as possible. Coordinating the messages, leaving space for individual instance creativity, and relaying these messages to non-federated networks would IMO create a sense of belonging and demonstrate a capacity to step aside of the dominant system.

To insist on this point (no ads needed) I want to quote @Gargron from an interview last July:

"Word of mouth beats everything in terms of getting people on board, and getting people on board is good for all of us — as they say, a network is only as good as the amount of people you can talk to through it."

@dada @Gargron in spain birdsite users such as barbijaputa tried to move people to GNU social earlier, but they failed to do so, sadly

@thoughtcrime @dada No surprise, GNU social does not have much appeal

@Gargron @dada yep, but I think it was way back, like, before mastodon and the fediverse had even been invented

@Gargron @dada sad thing is, she didnt even keep her account active (she is kinda an influencer on twitter). If she really meant for people to make the change, she could at least use an automatic repost tool or sth

@Gargron do youmean just on mastodon or including every activityPub platform?

@Gargron that would be amazing. One nice thing about not being in the surveillance industrial complex is that we don’t HAVE to grow. We should def be proud of 100k+ actives just on its own.

@Gargron It took Twitter 2 years to hit 1 million. Considering you don't have any of the seed money they did, I'd say Mastodon is doing pretty damn well.

@Gargron How do you count the user base? Just, the entire Fediverse, just people on Mastodon instances?

@Gargron @TheKinrar according to MAU count for Mastodon is about 500k atm :)

@kraehenpost @TheKinrar I think they do something funky. Mastodon keeps track of weekly numbers, not monthly. It seems that sums up 4 weekly numbers to get the monthly number, but that's nonsense, it could be the same people every week, you can't sum them.

@Gargron @TheKinrar sometimes I like It though because it engulfs to just a small margin of people. A part of me doesn't want the Twitter trolls on here, at the same time how will mastodon grow otherwise.

@Gargron I've seen all the others but I don't think I've noticed any posts in Russian so far

@productidea @Gargron Привет.

Now you've noticed post in Russian. Congratulations!

@Gargron Estas sufiche da Esperantistoj chi tie, che!

(There are a fair amount of Esperantists here, on!)

But, many pouët en #franglais, depending on leur humeur.

I see a fair bit of regex oots; !== langue 🤔

@Gargron better no stress to reach that goal. as soon as some "Leaders of the Lemmings" will move to mastodon it will get crowded here. i am unsure if that is good for this nice place .......

@Gargron squeak? Is that supposed to be a (human) language?

The Japanese number is slightly surprising! Yay for global communities!

I am not sure how accurate these statistics could be.
I speak more often in French with a French localized terminal, but how are the languages detected? By profile stuff, by an api of character recognition? Browser accepted languages?

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