It's quite funny spending time in this academic environment at a royal university with serious researchers, then going on Mastodon and boosting "yoshi sink butt pic"

@Gargron I work in Academia and can guarantee you're not the only one.

@Gargron So... Stupid question, on mobile how do you access? PWA or App?

@Gargron I am sure my timeline is less busy than yours, but how do you find the current mobile client experience trying to keep up with a busy timeline? Do you find yourself constantly loosing your place, having to "show more" constantly?

@Gargron One recent academic conf I was at had a twitter board displaying anything tweeted on their hashtag. I repeatedly provided the whole conference with cat pics from it.

@JubalBarca @Gargron I assume in their case it was usual real life cat pics. If it happened to be someone else, we might be talking a very different kind of cat pics 🙃

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron Well some were unusual in the sense that they weren't all Felis silvestris catus, I included south african black-foots and caracals and such like - but yes, I tend to keep my animal pictures towards the wholesomely fluffly variety!

@Gargron I can understand that feeling well. I'm sure anyone familiar with the art I share publicly can see the obvious part as to why. At the same time however, it looks like I may find myself in the situation where I just might meet important people in the future. It might be... quite the weird mix... if that ever happens...

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