Communications protocol based entirely on exchange of lines from the star wars prequels

@Gargron Love can’t save you. Only my new powers can.


not sure if you mean use the lines as code for specific characters or use the connection points between specific lines of a text corpus as coded numbers or -- uh, never mind, I just got an email from DARPA about how much funding they want to give me

CLIENT: With all due respect, the ambassadors for <sender> wish to board immediately.
SERVER: We are greatly honored by your visit, ambassadors.
CLIENT: Relay this, scramble code five, to <recipient>: <message>
SERVER: I retransmitted it as you requested, Master.
CLIENT: Thanks for your assistance!
SERVER: I've done all I can for you.
CLIENT: May the Force be with you.

@noelle @Gargron

so when abruptly closing communication, does it use

Boring conversation anyway.


Meesa Jar Jar Binx okieday 😁
Yoosa all bombad! Jar Jar will be poonished 😡
Uh Oh! M'I've been banished! 😱

(firewall blocking traffic & fail2ban logging the incident)

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